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About Us

Hi, I’m Nohel, founder of Standing Brown.  I’m a first generation Mexican-American and have worked in education for over 10 years.  Most of my professional career has been working directly with high school and college students.  I’ve been a counselor, professor, and currently work as a Dean at a large community college.  The higher up I’ve moved in my career, the further away from students I’ve been.  However, what continues to fuel my passion is being able to effect change, not only in my self, but in students and my surrounding community.  Standing Brown is an opportunity for me to engage the Latino community, families, and youth in connecting with our culture.


After being in administration for 3+ years I've seen students, particularly students of color, face struggles in and out of the classroom.  In talking with thousands of young people throughout the years, I’ve learned 3 Important things they are missing:

  1. Strong Sense of Self;  
  2. Strong Sense of Culture; and
  3. Positive Encouragement and Affirmation

Additionally, I found that there are not many culturally relevant brands or companies that provide the Latino community with a positive sense of culture through apparel.  


That’s where Standing Brown comes in.  I started this line and company with the goal to share my passion with my community.  With Standing Brown shirts, you will be able to wear your culture, represent your heritage, and be proud of being Latino.  From successful Latino entrepreneurs, professionals, to your average student or community member, this brand is for you. 


Our shirts are printed in a super soft quality material, so comfy to wear at home, yet nice enough to go out.  We sought out to design and build one of the most high quality designs and shirts to last years.

The specific focus of our designs is to provide positive affirmations for our Latino community to help combat the negative stereotypes we’ve heard much of our lives.

This brand is designed to make a difference in our community.  As such, with your support, we will be creating at least 2 scholarships in the amount equaling 5% of proceeds to assist Latino high school and community college students to attend four-year institutions.  We are making an effort to help increase college graduation and invest back into our community.  Scholarships to attend graduate school for existing college students will also be a priority if enough funds are raised.


Our hope is that the more you know about your culture and heritage, the more you will get involved in your community.

Culture is something you should be motivated about, empowered about, and something you should wear on your sleeve.  Join us in making this line a positive one, a vibrant one, and one that will help others give back to the community.

To put our community in perspective, the United States Census Bureau indicates the US having over 54 million Hispanics as of July 1, 2013, making us the nation’s largest ethnic or racial group. We compose 17 percent of the nation’s total population.

In California alone, 14.7 million Hispanics make up the largest Hispanic population of any state. (Source: 2013 Population Estimates)

As you can see from these numbers, we are many and we are strong.  It’s important to provide positive encouragement and support for our community to ensure a positive future for generations to come.


To conclude, all proceeds will go back into the brand, apparel development, and college scholarships.  I will be paying for the website and server costs myself so that all the money raised can go back into the business.  I do this for two reasons:

  1. To have a continued investment into the company I founded, and
  2. To help free up additional funds for student scholarships and more designs

We would really appreciate it if you would share us with your friends and help us make a difference in the community.


Home Base

Long Beach, California
phone:  (415) 967-0506